Solomon Islands


Solomon Islands is an archipelago of nearly 1,000 islands in the south Pacific, east of Papua New Guinea. Lies about 1,000 miles(1,610 kilo-meters ) northeast of Australia

Solomon Islands is situated at the edgc of the pacific kwon as the PACIFIC RING OF FIRE where it is renowned for earthquakes, volcanic eruption and tsunamis.
These hazard are caused by the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates, especially when one plate is dragged under another at what is known as a convergent margin.

Past earth quakes

On 02 April, 2007 an earth quake of 1.8M hitca 30km 00f Gizo Island in the western Solomon triggering a large tsunami; the height of the tsunami reached at least 2m and much higher waves.
Ten villages were destroyed and 50 people confirmed death. Dwelling houses, public infrastructures as roads, wharf and airstrip had been destroyed as well.
On February 06, 2013, 5 people have been killed, many injured in the eastern Solomon caused by earth quake and tsunamis (1.5m wave)….. 100 house have been destroyed
In general the Solomon Islands is an earthquake hardened country, with many powerful earthquakes occurring in its vicinity. Every year, the position of the villages, however, makes them vulnerable to tsunami…. People love to live along the costs

1952;l tsunami in the west Guadalcanal, destroyed homes and properties( oral Source)